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I-L3.A.R.N* stands for 'Implicit Learning App for Reading and Numeracy'. I-L3.A.R.N is an evidence-based multi-sensory game for children with reading disability under development and it is funded by the European Commission (Marie Sklodowska-Curie 7th Programme for Individuals (FP7/2012-2015) under REA grant agreement n° [301704]). The game will be designed to enhance non-linguistic abilities (i.e. implicit learning) that potentially feed into the processes of reading in a fun way.


It is widely accepted that people have innate learning mechanisms that allow them to acquire the structural regularities of their environment in a non-conscious manner.  Implicit learning describes this unintentional and largely automatic learning. The aforementioned Marie Sklodowska-Curie project [Acronym: Implicit Learning in Specific Developmental Disabilities (ILSDD)] examines implicit learning in children with developmental dyslexia (reading disability) by looking at both behavior and brain. The ILSDD project rigorously explores the relationship of this type of learning and reading, which is considered a highly structured learning environment where a large number of regularities are present turning readin into a challenging task for some children. Watch a video summary of the project here.


Children's behavioral and neuroimaging data help us understand better how implicit learning is relevant to reading and guide the development of I-Le.A.R.N. with the hope to improve their experience with print.

Details, protocols, thoughts, progress and other specifics about the project can be found in: Project Overview, which will be updated regularly.


*Credits: I-L3ARN concept and design by Dr Elpis Pavlidou

                    Scientific input by Dr Begonia Pino 

                    Logo by Ms Theano Pavlidou 

                   App development by Mr Jose Cruz Perez Pi (DimeApps)







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If you have questions about the project or want to find out more, please contact:

Dr Elpis Pavlidou


The University of York

Education Department

Psychology in Education 



York YO10 4PN

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